Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The next day

So I always think the day after my birthday is going to be sad, kind of like the day after Christmas. But it really wasn't. If anything it was kind of like my birthday kept going. It all started when I checked our mail box before work and found at least three birthday cards waiting in there for me including some fun money from my mom and an unexpected card with half naked men on it from a grandmother in-law whom shall remain nameless. As if that wasn't enough to spark my day I opened my wallet to discover all of gifts cards I got yesterday, which means a shopping day for me!
It makes me wonder why as a kid we are always sad when Christmas ends because the next day you just get to play with all of the cool stuff you got...and eat all of the leftovers. And any day that involves copious amounts of food is always a good day in my book.
And to add on a less materialistic note, one reason I love facebook is all of the instant good wishes you get on your birthday, it makes sending good thoughts very convient and who doesn't like seeing a wall full of good thoughts.
I should add as a final note that while this may seem like a very odd blog to share, it is a rather large stepping stone for me as I have always hated my birthday. I won't go into details except to say that unfortunate events happened around my birthday at a very impressionable age and somewhat scared me to no fault of anyone. So for me to say that my birthday (where nothing extordinary happened) was a good day is quite a large step in the right direction. So here's to birthdays and here's to wonderful years to follow.

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