Friday, May 27, 2011


"...and in the morning, I'm makin waffles." and that's just I did. After negative nancy got the best of me last night I woke up in the morning and made waffles.
They were simple, bisquick type waffles but they hit the spot. Buttery, flaky, sweet and filling. Julia enjoyed them as well and even asked for more, which always makes a mom happy :)
Then we watched a little bit of an animal show where Julia will sit and copy each animal sound, yes, it really is the cutest thing ever. I turned on some Pandora to my favorite classical station and thus started one of the most peaceful morning's I've had in a long time.
It was a simple morning. Much like making waffles. It's not a huge production, it's batter on an iron and it's delicious. It's tiny squares that you can pour sweet syrup into one at a time or drizzle a little bit over each row. It doesn't much matter, waffles don't care. They are compartmentalized, digested and enjoyed. So when life gets you down, forget about lemons...make some waffles!

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  1. Way to go Lindsey! A little sleep goes a long way towards changing your perspective. Great waffle analogy.