Tuesday, August 24, 2010


What is this bright light I see? Could it be...the illustrious light at the end of the tunnel? I think it just might be.
I have been searching for a job for a couple of months now. I fought this job seeking at first because I didn't want to work, I wanted to stay at home with my little girl. But I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more (with probably a lot of complaining thrown in there) and I finally grew up. I got my head out of the sand pit I buried it in and realized that we don't need to know all of the answers, we just need to know WHO has the answer. I still don't know the answer for that matter, but I do know that God has provided for me not one but two jobs! As many people have told me within that past week, "when it rains it pours".
Through this process I have learned a couple of important things about myself and about life. One, family is more important to me than anything, and certainly more important than any amount of money or status. God still does answer prayer(believe me this was one important thing that I needed...and I say NEEDED to be reminded of). And if we allow ourselves to be free of this world and it's daily pressures to be perfect, we can still hear God's still small voice. It's still there, in the midst of panic, stress, and paying bills, God is still there. And that gives me peace.
Peace that He will help be the mother I am suppose to be, peace that He will give me the unconditional love to share with my wonderful husband, and peace that whatever comes our way...and I mean whatever, He will be there. I constantly need reminding of this, I am a fallen sinner everyday, but I know now, through the thick and thin, He will be there. And that is all I need to know.

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