Saturday, April 3, 2010

Beautiful Simplicity

Rubber duckies make everything better. I was giving Julia a bath tonight and I gave her a rubber ducky to play with while she took her bath. She is able to sit up well enough now, that the excitement of a new toy will not force her to tumble over in joy. As I sat watching her learn how to splash her hands in the water while maintaining constant guard of her new ducky, I realized that sometimes life is just simple. Giving Julia a rubber ducky made her previous grumpiness disappear. It was forgotten the moment she got her little chubby hands on her new bath time friend.

If only we, as adults, could let things go as easily.I can say, that after giving Julia her bath and watching her face light up with the beautiful simplicity of a new toy, I felt my heart lighten, and my troubles didn't seem so bad. Maybe all it takes sometimes, is a new rubber ducky.

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