Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Julia Julia Julia

In the latest news of the week: Julia cut her finger grabing at paper and I discovered that I do not have band-aids small enough for her little bitty fingers. I also discovered that a paper cut is not quite the tragic experience for my five month old baby as it is for her twenty four year old mother. I didn't even know she had cut her finger until I looked down and saw blood smeared all over the paper on the desk and on my shirt. But have no fear...all is well and the cut is healing beautifuly.

In other news (still Julia related): Julia has found that scooting is a very good way to get into things that we aren't prepared for her to get into. You see a typical five month old is JUST trying to figure out how to scoot...but our five month old is trying to figure out how to crawl and is putting this scooting business behind her. So this morning before I even had a chance to sip my coffee she had removed the corner cushion that I put on our tv stand thinking "Oh we don't really need this yet, but just in case"....well..we don't really need them because apparently Julia can just take them off. Of course this little trick wasn't enough...Julia needed to see how far she could reach and thus proceeded to grab for Brian's copy of Modern Warfare (this part made Brian very happy, thinking that his little girl will become a "gamer"...mommy has other plans ;)

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